10 Signs You’re In The Wrong Job

So you’ve started avoiding their calls, going to events without them, and when your friends ask how it’s going, you awkwardly fake a smile and say unenthusiastically, “It’s great.” While I hate to be the bearer of bad news, the writing is on the wall: it’s time to say goodbye. But, to be clear, I’m not talking about your honey boo boo, I’m talking about your job! Check out these other red flags that you’re in the wrong position and need to start looking for an opportunity elsewhere.

10 signs you’re in the wrong job

1. You burn through sick days faster than a California wildfire
Finding it tough to make it into the office even though you’re healthy as an ox? No need to read on – you’re in the wrong job.

2. The concept of “enjoying work” is about as understandable as quantum physics
Given that the average American spends more than 50 hours a week doing work-related tasks, make the effort to find a position that empowers you in at least one capacity.

3. You no longer give a damn what anyone at the office thinks of you – like, ever
Aggravating your coworkers puts you on the fast train to nowhere and only makes their lives unnecessarily difficult. Remember, if you’re seriously unhappy at work, chances are they may be feeling just as disengaged.

4. When you walk out the door at the end of the day, you feel like you just escaped imprisonment
Your job is not supposed to be a constricting force in your life, but rather a place where you can spread your wings and gain fulfillment.

5. Your only answer to “why do you do it?” is “money”
Hey, we totally get that you have bills to pay. But if that’s the only positive you can come up with about your position, you’re in trouble.

6. The thought of work gives you heart palpitations
Everybody experiences a little work anxiety and studies actually show that some stress can improve productivity, but if your current role makes your stomach churn and your vision blur to the point of near nausea, chances are you need a different pace (or place).

7. You spend most of your day skimming BuzzFeed and Distractify
If you’ve lost motivation to even pretend to do your job anymore, you’re definitely ready for something new.

 8. You went from referring to your job as “a great opportunity” to “a stepping stone” to “a waste of ****ing time.”
Sure, we’re always a bit more gung-ho when we first start a job. However, if you find yourself continuously let down (read: burned into a royal rage) by inefficient processes or complete disregard for progress, it may be time to find a company that appreciates your enthusiasm and drive.

9. You have a reoccurring dream of getting fired – and finding complete happiness in a field of daisies afterward
According to all the dream interpretation books we checked (which was none), this means you already know it’s time to go but simply haven’t gotten up the nerve to put in your notice. So, call a friend or mentor, and get it in writing today.

10. You envision yourself in all your friends’ – and even strangers’ – jobs
If you’re constantly imagining “what life would be like if…” then there’s obviously something missing in your existing situation.


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