How to achieve a successful roll-out

Enjoying a national footprint is only feasible with strong and well-managed offices throughout the UK. Roll-outs need to be integrated into a strategic plan to ensure business growth is sustainable. From ‘best’ players and roll-out teams, to employee motivation and retention, each key ingredient plays a part in the successful growth and expansion of your business.

We have all seen successful businesses and those that do not make the grade. Here are six tips to help you get on track to developing your network, without damaging your existing service offering.

 Strategic growth
Growth can’t be spun out of thin air and the location of your next office must not be decided on a whim. The strategic process of expansion and brand creation is that of thorough research and viability. It must be implemented into your overall business plan, making it an integral part of your future.

Dedicated roll-out teams
The team you put in place to run your roll-outs must possess strong leadership to motivate their teams. They must combine a competent business sense with in-depth knowledge of both your company and the industry. Motivation, determination and a sense of team cohesion is a prerequisite, and choosing the team should be viewed as a carefully orchestrated exercise.

Move with the times
It is often said that the only constant in business is change. As a business you must not only embrace change but must also be prepared for it and essentially move with the times. Working from your initial strategy your business plan should include quarterly ‘attacks’. This allows the business to revaluate its current position and allows you to adapt working practices.

Retain valued employees
Don’t let your business suffer after removing the key player; succession planning is not only for the top of the organisation, but necessary for all layers of management through to branch management. Motivational incentives to rally your existing team will work wonders.

Hire locally
When expanding into a new area local insight can be critical. The benefit of hiring from a local labour pool is obvious. They have in-depth knowledge of the area and can better understand local business needs. They already live in the vicinity, which means no relocation costs. They may already have clients and would work as a strong interface locally.

Sustained growth
Roll-outs both regionally and nationally need to be carefully monitored by the chosen management teams. Another tip is to transfer best practice, not just through branch manager meetings, but through dialogue and sharing of data, tips and financial projections. The sense of competition harnessed to a ‘group’ objective will help ensure that your roll-out is sustained and provides a real platform for sustained growth.

So, with that, go forth and conquer!

Raymond Pugh

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