How to Evaluate a Resume Writing Service

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when trying to choose the best resume writing service.  The truth is that most resume writing services have great benefits including professional and experienced resume writers.  So, how do you pick the right resume writing service for you?

Here are five areas you should consider when trying to decide which resume writing service to use.

1.  Price.  If you are unemployed, the cost of a resume writing service matters.  Every penny counts when you don’t have a paycheck coming in.  However, keep in mind that you get what you pay for with most resume writing services.  Your resume is an investment in your future and finding a job.  It is something you may not want to skimp on.  You definitely don’t want to spend what you cannot afford but you also don’t want to go with the cheapest because what you get may be inferior.  Instead of focusing on price, focus on if they have experience or have worked and hired people in your industry and niche.

Resume Writing Service

2.  Where is the resume writing service’s experience?  A resume writing service with one or two people on staff can usually create a nice looking resume from a template.  Although the template was designed for a specific industry or job title, it may not be up-to-date or catered for employers or recruiters in a specific company.  Make sure that your resume writing service pairs you with a resume writer that has worked in your field, hired in your field or at least specializes in your field.  Not only will you receive a better product by working with someone who understands resume formats based in your field, but they may also be able to format it better for your particular career level.

3.  Ask them about applicant tracking systems, an automated way to prescreen candidates.  As more companies embrace technology and rely on it to scan through hundreds of resumes, yours may never make it to an actual person.  If your resume writing service or resume writer can’t answer questions about how well the resume that they create will pass through an automatic screening tool, you may want to move on.  Make sure your resume writing service and your resume writer is fully versed in the newest technologies and will keep application screening systems in mind when formatting and creating your resume.

4.  Do you get a cover letter or edits?  A complimentary cover letter and free edits, within reason, should be included with your resume writing service.  If your resume writing service wants to charge you for each round of edits after they send you a draft copy, you should move on.  When interviewing resume writing services, ask how many free edits you get and in what time frame.  As long as they’re willing to give you one or two rounds of edits for free then you should feel confident about their services.  Also ask for a free cover letter.  Most legit resume writing services know how easy these are to create and a majority will throw them in as a bonus for using their service.

5.  Can they teach you how to and what to alter?  When you’re submitting your resume for a position you’ll need to alter your resume to match the job description.  Your resume writing service should show you how to alter and modify your resume and cover letter as needed, and give you examples. Ask them what you can or should alter and what you should leave alone.  If they can’t answer this, move on.

With thousands of resume writing services out there, selecting which resume writing service works best for you can be tricky.  Think about the five topics above when evaluating a resume writing service.  Resumes are investments in your career so it is important to find the resume writing service that will do the best job for you.

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