Include Your URL On Your Resume!

Now a days it is very easy to start your own website or blog to show off your accomplishments.  What some job seekers forget though is to include their url or website address on their resume and in their email signatures when emailing back and forth with potential employers.   Your professional blog or career site is a great way to show off your abilities and knowledge and it can play an integral part in why you get hired as opposed to another candidate.  Here are a few of the reasons why including your url, if you have one, is a great thing to add to your resume.


Employers can read more about you.

There is only so much a resume can say about you.  If you have a lot more to say or can show it off well with more space, your site or blog allows potential employers to search through your site by category and really discover everything you have to offer and in more detail.  Suppose there is one area of the job you are applying to that the employer is most interested in, they can go to that section of your website and learn even more about that particular skill and really get an understanding for why you are the best candidate for the job.

HR professionals can find out more accomplishments.

You only have so much room to show off your accomplishments on your resume.  By having a website or blog with a category for your accomplishments you can feature all of them in one place.  This not only shows why you are an amazing candidate, but also enables you to show off where and how you can help other departments and team members.

You provide insight into all of your past work.

Your resume is usually kept to a 2 page maximum and if you have had a large career you may have to omit some experience.  By having a website you can break it out into categories of relevance by type of work or skills.  By doing this the potential employer can now see all of your experience and who you worked for.  The employer will also get a better understanding for the depth of knowledge you have in your field or with a specific skill.

You create a great place to showcase quotes and references from others.

Not all resumes are able to feature quotes or references from other people and past employers.  By having a website, you can have a section that shows off what people have to say about you and your work.  This is a great way to get potential employers excited about you.

There are numerous reasons why it is a great idea to include the url to your website on your resume.  You just want to make sure that your site is professional and does not include all of the fun photos and weekend hobbies which you may share on other sites like Facebook.  If you get good at looking through your website analytics you can even see if and when employers actually come to your site and which pages they looked at.  This helps you know plan ahead because you will know what they know about you and you can be better prepared to talk about those topics during your interview.

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