Why You Need to Drop Paper Resumes and Switch to Video

The job market is becoming increasingly competitive day by day, which is why job seekers are constantly looking for an edge to get them noticed and score an interview. While paper resumes are still being widely used (and they do work), creating a video resume definitely has a bigger advantage over the traditional one.

Social networking and the obvious advancements in technology have taken the job market to a whole new level, and video resume is a strong part of this advancement. It’s helping aspiring applicants present themselves more creatively in front of their potential employers, improving the chances of getting noticed. Here are a few reasons why you need to drop paper resumes and switch to video…

Make a Great First Impression

There’s no doubt about the fact that a video resume gives you some control over the kind of first impression you make on your potential employer. In case you send a paper resume, your first impression will hang on the conditions of the interview when you give it later on. A video resume gives you the opportunity to make a good first impression from the comfort of your home where you can have retakes if needed in order to craft your best possible image.

Showcase Your Personality

The most evident benefit of sending in a video resume is that it lets you showcase your personality and lets your personal brand shine in the best possible manner. Even though you require to maintain a highly professional tone during the video, you can still convey your energy/enthusiasm much clearly and show (rather then tell) the hiring manager that you have an interesting personality and a positive attitude.

Demonstrate Your Technological Aptitude

A video resume as opposed to the traditional paper resume lets you demonstrate how tech savvy you are to your potential employer. It’s a fact that every profession today requires you to have at least some technological knowledge; by sending in a video resume, you will be able to easily show how you’re updated with the current media trends and tools. And since video resume isn’t very popular, it’ll also make you stand out of the crowd.


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