Most of the time, New Year resolutions are just mere statements that we say to console ourselves for the upcoming new year. For many, new year resolutions are not close to achievable career goals you would be able to keep and they do not even cross the first thirty days and if some others fly till February 14th, then, you are among the lucky few.

Wild statistics would state that only 1% of people who make new year resolutions keep 50% of it judiciously. Its a great idea to make resolutions; a great way for us to look forward into the new year with optimism. Active optimisms rather than passive. It is just an open list of how you want the new year to be and how you want to go about it. The major issue here is that most resolutions are either too generic or impossible to measure.

Take a look at your career, set some things straight and right, fix measurable goals, track and be optimistic about them.

Lets take a look at a few achievable and workable goals for the new year that will make it your best work year.


The very first step to being active and effective always is to stay fit and healthy always. Loss some weight, gain some muscles if necessary. Just work out. It brings out obvious changes in your physical and health status.
You can resolve to 20 sit ups and 15 push everyday till you gradually increase it. This is a resolution anyone can keep.


No matter the career path you are, the idea of learning a new skill cannot be over emphasized. Several hundreds of new skill are out there that ca benefit your career. If you have had the urge to learn one all these while, take out 2 easy ones or just one that will not conflict with your schedule. Learn the crap out of them, be a guru and if it can enhance your current job at your place of work, you company may be willing to pay you for it.


If you want to hide a treasure, hide it in a book. This was the words of a certain wise man. Make a resolution to read at least, one new book per month. No matter how small it is. Get knowledge. Read career books, motivational books, etc. You will sure get new perspective to things.



Times are changing. HR teams are looking out for different things from time to time. Are getting updated also? Do go through your resume thoroughly, correct errors if any, make updates. Let the information stacked there be also stacked in your memory.


Create at least one new professional network per month. Keep increasing your network and make it count. Physically or online. LinkedIN for years have been a great professional networking platform. Utilize it. Also, create an impressive linkediN profile.


You can be specific with your industry and follow its news letters to get recent updates on happenings in your field of career.


For what ever industry you find yourself, get yourself a mentor. Someone that has made it in the industry / career you are into. The right mentor will always be a powerful tool in propelling you towards success.


Firstly, make sure you have a new professional headshot. Do not leave people looking up at your present face anytime they see your professional profile pictures or a passport photograph of you. Also, join a professional organization. This will in turn help to expand your network as well as make good connections. Attend conferences, they are energy boosters for productivity. Finally, get one more professional certification necessary for your career. Make it a resolution to achieve one in the new year. There are cheap and even free courses that would earn you an extra certification necessary for your career growth. Stop wishing, make it happen! Be certified. And if you are willing to spend, see it as an investment to your future.


This can be tasking as it will require you to drop some old habits. Prepare  things you will be doing for each hour and add extra hours and duties to it. Then, follow it strictly. Discipline yourself to your routine and see the changes that would occur afterwards.


Like old times cabinet files, so is our mail box nowadays. Take your time to clean out your mail box. You do not want to get it full and miss out on important mail updates. Here in Nigeria, mailing is beginning to grow rapidly. Check your spam box, check your drafts, you could have saved some stuffs there accidentally and unconsciously over the last months. Be ready for the new year.


To positively affect your world, be a volunteer. The effect it takes on our minds is so great that it leaves us positive. Find a meaningful cause and contribute to it. Feeding the homeless, cleaning out the streets, etc Make it a routine with a few co-workers if possible.

Now that we have seen a few New Year Resolutions that are measurable and achievable, let us kick off into the new year with optimism and faith.


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