Best Jobs for Your Health

A job may be good for your financial well-being, but how good is a job for your physical and mental health? There are obvious qualities that make a job healthy, like low risk of injury or opportunities for a fair amount of exercise.

But many jobs can be considered healthy for less tangible reasons. There are certain characteristics that have been scientifically shown to produce big health benefits. Here are four important health-promoting job traits and some sample healthy jobs, along with median salary data from the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Autonomy/Personal Control

Numerous studies have shown that the more personal control people have in their lives, the less their chances of depression and heart disease and the better their health in general.

Get-Healthy Tips: If you don’t have much personal control in your current job, it may be time to update your skills. Greater education levels often lead to increased autonomy on the job. Or consider starting a business. Entrepreneurs thrive on being their own bosses, and have high levels of control over their ventures.

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Mentally Demanding

Recent studies reveal the surprising benefits of working in a mentally demanding job. Not only do those whose brains work overtime have greater cognitive skills throughout their careers and after, they also have less chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

Get-Healthy Tips: Try to find ways to take on more challenging tasks at work. Taking classes, attending seminars and reading books can also all benefit your brain — now and in years to come — as well as your career.

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Low Stress

Everyone experiences stress at times, but numerous studies have shown that chronic stress can be harmful to your health. Jobs that are low-stress can help decrease your susceptibility to problems like heart disease, headaches, chronic pain, lowered immunity and even obesity.

Get-Healthy Tips: Being organized with your work projects can diminish stress. Make to-do lists and keep organizers and calendars up to date. In addition, be sure to take breaks, no matter how pressing your deadline. Learn meditation. Research has shown that even a few minutes of meditation a day can clear away stress.


Research has shown that connecting with others in a meaningful way is key to many areas of health. It can lower blood pressure, decrease heart disease, prevent depression, keep you cognitively fit, reduce stress, and increase lifespan.

Get-Healthy Tips: If your job lacks a social element, make an extra effort to reach out and connect with others at work. Seek a mentor. Accept group lunch invitations. Or get your social boost by filling up your social calendar outside of work.

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