Career Change Ideas: 4 Steps To Finding Your Perfect Job

If you’re not feeling happy or fulfilled with your current career, you may be longing for a change without knowing exactly what you want. If you’re more than ready to change your career but there’s a big question mark as to what you should be doing instead, don’t panic. Just use some of these career change ideas to help jump start your search for your perfect job.

1. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake

Today’s career culture is not the same as it was 25 or 50 years ago. Years ago, people chose one job and stuck with it for all of their working life. Today, people change jobs three or four times during their lifetime. So if you’re not sure what you want to do, look for jobs that sound interesting. One of them could lead to your new career; if not, at least you will know what you don’t want to do.

2. Make a list of the skills you’ve learned

Sometimes the prospect of career change is scary and disheartening – it can make you feel like the years you’ve put into your current job were a waste. Don’t think of your current job as a waste of time; instead, look at it in terms of what you’ve learned or gained from it. Chances are, you’ve learned some important skills that you can use in your next job, no matter what that job is. For example, maybe you had the opportunity to practice your business communication skills, honed up on your organizational skills or learned practical skills: like how to create and use spreadsheets or how to use your company’s accounting software. Make a list of all the skills you’ve learned on the job, then think about what you’d like to do with them.


3. Be open to every opportunity

You never know when opportunity is going to strike – you meet someone at a party whose career sounds interesting, stumble upon a job listing online – so it’s important to be ready to take advantage whenever it occurs. You never know how you might find your next job, so follow up on every lead that sounds interesting, no matter where it comes from.

4. Don’t go at it alone

You may feel depressed about your career change or stuck in your career; don’t listen to these feelings. You are not alone! There are hundreds of people searching for career change ideas and if you network with them, you can create a great support network that can also be tapped as resource for job openings. Look for support groups that are aimed towards people making a career transition, or hire a career coach to help you get the support you need and keep you motivated to find that career that matches your life’s purpose.


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