Holiday-Season Job Hunting

In just a few short weeks, the holiday season will be in full swing–so now is a great time to pick up seasonal work. Here are some tips on how to plan effectively and where to look for holiday jobs:

Create a job-hunting plan
Heather Huhman, founder and president of Come Recommended, suggests getting your plan of attack ready before you apply for anything. “Get organized for your job hunt,” she says. A first step is making a list of places where you’d like to work, complete with their locations.

Start searching and applying
After compiling your list of potential employers, get hunting. “Set aside a certain time each day for different job-hunting strategies,” says Huhman. Techniques for finding holiday work include “job boards, company websites, networking, and social media sites,” she says.

Another great way to find holiday jobs is to hit the malls. “Retail stores usually hire extra holiday help,” says Reed Abboud. Retail not your thing? “You may be able to find a seasonal type of role as a gift wrapper, photographer or photographer’s assistant, or greeter–or even playing Santa, Mrs. Claus, or an elf,” she says.

Ask around and network
“Job seekers can use the holidays as a time to offer an extra hand at an organization and make connections,” says Huhman. Use social events like holiday parties to your advantage by networking effectively. “Make a point to meet new people and get your ‘elevator pitch’ ready for these opportunities,” says Huhman. No parties or social events in your horizon? “Set up your own mini-business in your neighborhood,” suggests Sharon Reed Abboud, the author of “All Moms Work: Short-Term Career Strategies for Long-Range Success.” “Offer services like gift wrapping, holiday decorating, or pet sitting to your neighbors,” she says.

Try temping
“Many businesses may need extra help around the holidays since their employees may be taking extra time off,” says Reed Abboud. She suggests that you “contact a few local temp agencies and find out what types of temporary positions are available.” For each opportunity that comes up, Huhman recommends “creating tailored resumes and cover letters” for employers to better illustrate why you would be the best person for the job.

“The holidays are a great time to pump up your job search,” says Huhman. Start your search now to find the best seasonal jobs available in your area.

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