17 Signs You Need A Vacation… Desperately

Here’s a terrifying fact for you: research shows that thanks to vacation-phobic Americans, a million years of work is “donated” each year in the US alone.

Nope, that’s not a typo.

There are plenty of us who bury our heads in work only to look up moments (read: two years) later realizing that we’ve become scary, pasty troll-like workaholics. Still more, there are others who are so obsessed with work that they don’t even realize how desperately they need to get the out of the cubicle and into the sun, let alone tropical paradise.

Whichever category you fall into, check out these surefire signs you need a vacation… STAT.



17 Funny Signs You Need A Vacation:

1. You show up to work… on Saturday.

2. Your best friend has even stopped texting, “Do you remember me?”

3. There’s a pillow hidden in your office and you’ve used it more than once.

4. You’ve completely stopped grocery shopping because the last time you actually ate a meal at your house was… uh… you can’t remember when.

5. You’ve racked up more travel miles than The Pope.

6. You not only know the names of everyone on the evening cleaning crew, but also how they all take their coffee and where their kids go to school.

7. You sound like a cross between a whale and a troll when you’re alarm goes off in the morning.

8. There’s so much unwashed laundry in your house, you’ve resorted to wearing your swimsuit as underwear.

9. The list of coworkers exempt from your abnormally erratic and uncharacteristic aggression is down to single digits… like, zero.

10. Your skin is so pale you could be mistaken for Golem in the wrong light.

11. When coworkers are talking about new releases they’ve seen, you start raving about this hilarious new flick you just saw called The Hangover.

12. The nurse at your doctor’s office just informed you of their “we do not reschedule after the fifth time you cancel” policy.

13. The totally-unforeseen-because-you’re-so-damn-busy national holiday that gives you a three day weekend validates your belief in a higher power.

14. You look down during a meeting and see two different colored shoes staring back at you.

15. Your weekend is so jam-packed with everything that you can’t get done during the week, that you’re basically left catatonic on Sunday night.

16. You’ve started plotting your own kidnapping because it’s your only way out.

17. When other people talk about their vacations, your eyes roll into the back of your head, you start levitating, and you begin speaking Latin in a particularly deep voice.


The fact of the matter is, being over-tired, cranky and over-worked isn’t good for anyone – not you, not the work you’re doing, and definitely not the people around you.

If you identify with more than a few of these signs you need a vacation, guess what? It’s time for you to take some time off! Don’t let your need to escape reach these dramatic and dangerous levels. Just walk into your boss’s office and repeat after me, “I’m taking a vacation. And I may never come back.” (OK, just kidding about that second part.)  Not only will a vacation do you some good, it will also make you a better employee when (or if?) you return from paradise.

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